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For less than $70K, a once-abandoned home that’s now unbearably cute

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This tiny cottage in northwest Detroit was bought from the Detroit Land Bank for $1,000 earlier this year

A one-story home with blue siding and a raised wood porch with minimal wood fencing. Photos by Evan Thomas

We’ve got a pretty impressive restoration to show you today. This home in northwest Detroit, abandoned since 2008, was bought through the Detroit Land Bank Authority this year for just $1,000. As you can imagine, it was in pretty rough shape.

Cut to a few months later, and it’s been brought back to life.

The couple who bought the home own a furniture and design shop in Ferndale. They not only restored all the essential features, but added great designer details throughout. And it’s not the first time they’ve undertaken this kind of project: We wrote about their restoration of a fire-damaged home on Monica Street that sold earlier this year.

A photo looking at the bathroom mirror shows a shower head and pastel-painted tiles.

This one on Biltmore Street is listed through Hall & Hunter Birmingham for $69,900. It’s 785 square feet with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a one-car garage.

On the outside, the couple added a cute stained-wood porch with minimal fencing. Even the blue siding and just-planted landscaping look great side-by-side.

Inside, the home was smartly, but minimally redesigned with pleasant color schemes. The living room has some neat color accenting on the wall. The kitchen has a black subway-tile backsplash that contrasts nicely with the yellow cabinets.

All the furnishings can be purchased for an additional $3,000.

The living room has a pink-colored wall that extends partially into the next white wall. There’s also a couple of yellow drapes and couches, a white couch with throw pillows, and a circular coffee table. Photo by Evan Thomas
Part of the kitchen with black subway-tile backsplash and yellow cabinets.
The master bedroom has a Queen-sized bed with white sheets and a little wood side table.
A little fenced-in porch with metal furniture at the front of the house.