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Detroit Shipping Co. to get $6 million mixed-use neighbor—also made of shipping containers

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The “444” is being developed by the same firm, Detroit Rising Development

A blue building made of shipping containers with square windows and a metallic awning.
Rendering of the 444 Building
Detroit Rising Development

Detroit Shipping Company, the popular shipping container food hall in the Cass Corridor, will have a companion building in 2020.

Detroit Rising Development, the same group that built the food hall, is bringing a three-story mixed-use structure on the same street that’s also made of shipping containers. The project—dubbed “444” since the address will be at 444 Peterboro Street—is expected to cost around $6 million.

So far, the plan for the 21,000-square-foot building calls for up to 16 “micro-retail” tenants and a cafe on the first floor, smaller private offices on the second floor, and a large anchor office tenant on the 6,800-square-foot third floor, which will also come with a 480-square-foot patio.

Rents for retail spaces start at $1,500 a month.

“To build a sustainable community, we need more than just places to eat and drink,” Jon Hartzell, founding partner of Detroit Rising Development, said in a release. “A neighborhood needs places to shop, places to work and places to live. 444 addresses the first two of those.”

Hartzell told Crain’s Detroit Business that construction should start by November, pending City Council’s approval of the land sale, and will take around 10 months.

The two buildings—444 and Detroit Shipping Company—will be connected by an outdoor space that may allow patrons to walk between them carrying an alcoholic beverage. Hartzell also said that one tenant in the 444 may be a brewery or brewpub.