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Mini-chateau in Palmer Woods sells for $345K

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This French Colonial home will require a lot of work

Exterior of a home with cream-colored brick, white columns at the entrance, and a curved green-tiled roof. Photos by Stylish Detroit

We’re happy to report that a gorgeous Palmer Woods home on Strathcona Drive, which we wrote about in March, just sold for $345,000.

The French Colonial home had been on the market for a while. It first listed in November 2018 for $379,900.

The reason for the $35,900 price decrease is easy to explain: the home will need to be completely restored. The floors need to be refinished, walls repainted, kitchen redone, garage doors replaced. There’s water damage on several of the ceilings—and no ceiling at all in the sunroom—which likely means the roof needs to be replaced.

The new owners estimate that redoing the entire home will cost between $300,000 and $400,000—in other words, about the price of the home itself.

Fortunately, the new owners say they’re committed to restoring the French Colonial to its past glory, which was designed by John Kasurin for Harold R. Finn in 1922.

The realtor, Stetson Jarbo with Coldwell Banker, added that they’ll be “revamping the home aesthetically, but bringing in modern day finishes to compliment the architecture and history of the home.”

And we hope that’s the case because the 2,796-square-foot home has some spectacular features, from its exquisite exterior with curved roof tiles and row of arched ground-floor windows to the aforementioned sunroom with Flint Faience tiles.

Hopefully we’ll be able to show you what the home looks like after its fully renovated. Here’s photos of what it looks like now.

Foyer and staircase leading to second floor. The floors are discolored in numerous spots.
A view of an empty den with white walls. Doors are open in several consecutive rooms so you can see down the length of the home. Again, the floors are discolored in numerous places.
The kitchen has a silver refrigerator and wide white sink. The floors have been removed and the paint is cracking on the ceiling.
A variety of red and orange tiles in the vestibule.
The living room has a fireplace, an arched entryway, and built-in shelving.
The sunroom has many white and blue floor tiles, a green-tiled fountain, and French doors leading outside. The ceiling is missing showing drywall and wood beams.
A bedroom leading out to a roof patio. There’s flowers painted onto the yellow window panes.
The rear of the house has red leafy vines climbing up its sides and a big green lawn. The three-car garage has the same cream-colored brick and green roof.