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Designs selected for Gordie Howe pedestrian bridges over I-75

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The five bridges on either side of the U.S. point of entry are expected to be complete by 2024

Driver’s view on a four-lane freeway. In the near distance, there’s a pedestrian bridge with a red metal framing.
Rendering of a pedestrian bridge over I-75 in Southwest Detroit.
Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority

In late 2019, three bridges over I-75 in Southwest Detroit were demolished to accommodate ramps for the U.S. point of entry at the under-construction Gordie Howe International Bridge. While those bridges will not be replaced, five new pedestrian bridges will take their place at Solvay, Beard, Waterman, Junction, and Lansing streets.

Designs for the new bridges were released this week. They feature a long, straight on-ramp that connects to a simple, 10-foot-wide concrete path. A steel arched frame, protective metal railings, and LED lighting fixtures will span the length of the bridge. They’ll also be ADA compliant.

These designs were chosen after a three-month engagement period where the Michigan Department of Transportation, city of Detroit, and other stakeholders consulted with residents in-person and through an online survey. Over 500 people responded, according to the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority.

Map of the new pedestrian bridges. The freeway and large U.S. point of entry are colored, the rest of the map is gray.

“The design of the pedestrian bridges is a result of meaningful consultation with the community and other stakeholders,” Bryce Phillips, CEO of the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority, said in a release. “The voices of community members have helped shape the project since early planning days and we will continue to engage and consult as the project progresses through construction and into the operations phase.”

The total cost of the bridges was not released.

The Gordie Howe International Bridge broke ground in October 2018. It’s expected to cost around $5.7 billion and finish in 2024.

Gordie Howe International Bridge

Gordie Howe International Bridge, , ON 48209