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East English Village brick colonial with eye-catching addition asks $159K

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The diamond window pattern is something you don’t see often in Detroit

A two-story symmetrical brick home with leaves on the ground in front. Photos by Beyond Reach Detroit

With its symmetrical design, block glass windows, and sharp brick exterior, this home in East English Village is pretty distinct from the front. It’s even more distinct in the back.

It’s also on the market, and listed for $158,900.

The home was bought in 2013 by a Dutch investor, according to the realtor, and used as a rental property for several years. Most recently, it’s been renovated to sell.

Among the many upgrades—which include a new garage roof, sidings, furnace, and plumbing—the owner also remodeled the kitchen. It’s now larger and more open, with new appliances and a passthrough to the dining room.

But the most notable change is the addition at the rear of the house. Diamond-shaped windows were built into the expansion, which turned a former small room into a master suite complete with walk-in closet and bathroom. There’s also a downstairs lounge room that look out to the backyard through large windows.

The extra space puts the home at just over 2,000 square feet. There’s four bedrooms total and a detached two-car garage.

4877 Bishop Street is listed with Justin Fontenelle of Trust Realty LLC for $158,900.

White vinyl siding attached to the brick house that spans two floors. The diamond windows run along the wall near the roof.
View of the new addition and diamond windows.
An empty room with wood floors and a fireplace with black-painted bricks. The walls are cream colored and there’s stairs leading to the second floor at the other end of the room.
Living room with black-painted fireplace.
A long kitchen with black-speckled white countertops.
The new kitchen has lots more counter space.
An empty room with laminate floor tiles and white-painted brick walls. Two large windows face the back yard.
Downstairs lounge area.
An empty room with a white brick wall on one side, and white walls with diamond windows on the other two walls.
The new master bedroom.
Two white sinks against a wall with a long rectangular mirror.
The diamond windows can be enjoyed from the master bath as well.