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Investment property alert: Solid brick fourplex in North End asks $298K

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Also comes with three tenants

A square, white brick building at night. The apartments are illuminated from the inside. Photos by Kate Gowman

A potential investment property in the North End is currently on the market. This clean brick fourplex on Kenilworth Street just got a price cut and is now listed for under $300,000.

Being sold by a North End renovator we profiled last year, the apartment building from 1911 looks to be in good shape. Some work has been done, including installation of new block glass in the basement, as well as a new electrical system, water heaters, and furnaces.

There are some nice hardwood floors and each unit has two bedrooms.

One feature that stands out is the uniform color. The square, 3,280-square-foot building has a white-brick exterior. The unit photographed also has white walls and trim, white doors (and door handles), white blinds, white cabinets, white bathtub—even the dog in the listing photos is white! The central staircase, however, is black with some classic red and white tile pattern in the entrance hall.

The other three units are currently rented out, with tenants paying an average of $550 per month. The owner writes, “This building is solid and with all the upgrades. You will not need to do anything for decades besides collect rent and equity.”

Want to be the landlord of a durable building in a growing neighborhood? 506 Kenilworth Street is listed with Robert Graham of Braven Enterprises for $298,000.

Empty room with dark wood floors and a white dog near a window with white blinds.
Empty room with white walls and a sliding door in front of a closet.
A kitchen with white cabinets and no appliances.
Bathroom with a toilet right next to a white bathtub and shower.
Close up of a black staircase with red and white tile pattern at the base.
Back of the plain white building. There’s two windows for each unit on the upper and lower floor.