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Bedrock releases new renderings of One Campus Martius expansion ahead of opening

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Here’s what the new event space at Quicken Loans’s headquarters will look like

A number of people mingle on a terrace and inside a wood-paneled, modern event space. There’s large glass windows separating inside and out.
Rendering of the new event space at One Campus Martius.
Bedrock Detroit

The completion of One Campus Martius’s expansion is just around the corner.

Since 2018, Bedrock Detroit, the Dan Gilbert–owned development company, has been steadily working on an addition to its flagship building downtown. Once complete around March 1, the $95 million expansion on the skyscraper’s northern side will add over 300,00 square feet of office space. Prior to the expansion, One Campus Martius was already around 1 million square feet.

A building with rows of glass windows.

The building will also have rentable event space. The 27,529-square-foot venue will contain a main area that can be divided into three separate rooms and a wraparound outdoor terrace that overlooks the Centra Business District. The whole space will be able to hold up to 999 guests.

Bedrock is now accepting reservations for events taking place after April 1 this year. Prices will range between $3,250 and $7,500 depending on the event hours and day of the week.

In 2014, Meridian Health and Bedrock bought the building, now the headquarters of Quicken Loans, for $142 million. The 16-story skyscraper, designed by Rossetti, is also known for a soaring 14-story water sculpture in its glass atrium.

A large event space with wood paneling on the walls and modern, circular light fixtures. People mingle and talk, and there’s rows of chairs set up near windows.

One Campus Martius

1050 Woodward Avenue, , MI 48226