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You can now rent the ‘Ice House,’ recently restored, for $3,500

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Live in this huge Boston-Edison home, brought back to life after a burst pipe in winter nearly destroyed it

A Tudor Revival has an all-brick exterior with exposed wood framing. A tree with pink leaves is out front of the wraparound porch. Photos by Ignited Photography

Historic mansions aren’t available to rent very often in Detroit. If you own one, you probably want to live in it yourself.

Well, if you have some money to spare or can gather a big group for a collective effort, a unique rental opportunity is available. This isn’t just any home—the 4,500-square-foot Boston Edison residence built in the 1920s was once known as the “Ice House.”

Back in 2015, burst pipes caused water to gush from the second-story window and form a kind of ice waterfall down the side of the gorgeous Tudor Revival. The home was put up for sale and eventually went for $82,500 in 2016. After a massive rehab, it went back on the market last year for $699,995. It doesn’t appear to have sold.

The seven-bedroom home has a striking look. There’s some lovely exposed wood framing, as well as brick exterior, slate roof, and semi-wraparound porch. It sits on a corner lot and has a 0.5-acre yard adjacent to 14th Street. Also check out the unique “fountain” room inside with its Pewabic tile floor.

Want to live in a historic Detroit home? 2215 W. Boston Boulevard is renting for $3,500 per month. The leasing agent is Joy Santiago Clark of Dwellings Unlimited.

The living room has a fireplace
The foyer with more green Pewabic tiles
The fountain room with green Pewabic tiles.
Bathroom with subway tiles