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New animation shows full scale of $50M Motown Museum expansion

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There might be actual dancing in the streets

Patrons gather outside as a children’s band plays music on an outdoor stage in front of a glass atrium and two brick homes.
Rendering of the glass atrium and remodeled homes as part of the expansion.
Courtesy Motown Museum

In September last year, the Motown Museum broke ground on phase one of its $50 million expansion. Today, it gave a preview of what the final complex will look like.

Though it’s released renderings in the past, the public hasn’t seen the full scale of the project. A video posted on its Twitter account does just that.

The animation scans across West Grand Boulevard and the street-facing homes, including the original Hitsville U.S.A. home that was Motown’s first headquarters. It then swings around back to show the glass atrium and courtyard currently under construction, as well as the main new building with its multi-colored gladding and second entrance on Ferry Park Drive.

It then flies over the 50,000-square-foot complex like a drone, showing how the buildings connect to each other. Watch the full video, created by architecture firm Hamilton Anderson Associates, for yourself.

This first phase of construction is slated for a summer 2020 completion. The full expansion will eventually include a theater, recording studio, interactive exhibits, and community spaces.

The expansion was first announced in 2016 and the museum has spent the last three years fundraising. It’s gotten support from a number of foundations, and most recently, Berry Gordy himself donated $4 million. It’s currently halfway to its final funding goal.

Motown Museum

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