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For $275K, a classic West Village duplex that needs renovating

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This brick building from 1912 could be a great investment property

A square two-story brick building with arched front entrances in the middle. Photos by Chris Gerard

West Village property values are sky high at the moment, and it’s rare that buildings can be bought for less than $100 per square foot. But that’s the case for a duplex right off Van Dyke Avenue a block from Agnes Street which just hit the market for $275,000. But not surprisingly for that price, you’ll need to put some work into it.

According to the listing, the two-story brick building on Lafayette Street was built in 1912. The square, symmetrical structure has some nicely painted wood trim and arched front entrances.

At around 1,500 square feet and three bedrooms per unit, the residences themselves are pretty spacious. Photos of one show that, at minimum, the new owners will need to refinish the floors, re-plaster and paint the walls, and build a new kitchen. We’re not sure about the condition of the bedrooms and bathrooms. But the floors, trim, and staircase are original and seem mostly salvageable.

The selling agent notes that the property could be either apartment or condos and potentially converted into four units. There are side entrances on either side of the building.

7949 E. Lafayette Street is listed with Vincent Mazzola of O’Connor Real Estate for $275,000.

A kitchen with just cabinets. Some of the walls look moldy and there’s no tiles on the floor.
The units will need new kitchens.
An empty room with aged hardwood floors and off color walls.
The original hardwood floors will need to be refinished, but much of the trim is intact.
A largely empty room with some chairs, a door, and wood planks against the wall.
A sitting room off the foyer with salvaged items.
Two entryways with wood trim around the frame. The bigger entryway leads to a large empty room and staircase.
Looking out into the foyer and dining room.
The duplex is near the main drag. There’s a dense collection of houses and a taller building behind it.
Aerial view of 7949 E. Lafayette and West Village.