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For $360K, a completely renovated brick home in La Salle Gardens

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This home from 1923 has been made anew

A brick home with a front entrance slightly set back. There’s a few bushes out front. Photos by Stylish Detroit

In Detroit, a lot of old homes have been gutted and made anew. That’s certainly the case with this home in the lovely neighborhood of La Salle Gardens, which just hit the market for $360,000.

At the corner of Euclid and La Salle, the home has an unassuming exterior with some nice brickwork and hidden details in the soffits. The listing says it dates all the way back to 1923.

But entering the 3,000-square-foot interior is like walking into a brand new home. You’ll find the standard sprucing up work of a remodel, like refinishing the floors and applied a fresh coat of paint. But then there’s also new tiles in the foyer (with more inset tiles), restored fireplace mantel and wood trim around the entryways, brand new kitchen with quartz countertop and bathrooms, one of which has a soaking tub.

There’s also charming little details like the embossed ceiling in the dining room, new fixtures, and a sitting nook in an upstairs room.

The big ticket items were taken care of as well—new roof, windows, electrical and plumbing systems, stamped concrete in the driveway and walkway. The radiators are gone as well, replaced with a new furnace and central air.

Want to own a brand new home in an old shell? 8405 La Salle Boulevard is listed with Charlie Siciliano of DOBI Real Estate for $360,000.