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Mies van der Rohe–designed townhome hits the market for $325K

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A rare Lafayette Park–facing unit in the midcentury modern community

A carpeted room with a white sectional couch against floor-to-ceiling windows. Photos by Gabriel Banuelos

In a typical year, only a handful of Mies van der Rohe–designed townhomes come up for sale. It’s even rarer when those units face Lafayette Park.

But one park-facing unit has just hit the market for $325,000.

Like all midcentury modern townhomes designed by the German-American architect, it’s got floor-to-ceiling windows and an open floor plan over two stories. There’s also three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms spread across 1,400 square feet.

According to the realtor, it’s the first time this condo has gone up for sale in over 30 years. It does appear dated in some ways—there’s carpet and linoleum tiles covering most of the floors and stairs, a little bit of water damage by one of the windows, and some pink walls that might not be to everyone’s taste. The kitchen has gotten a more recent update, however, and comes with modern countertops, cabinets, and appliances.

But one of the appeals of the townhomes is the ability to customize. New owners will likely want to pull up the carpet, repaint and decorate the walls, and update the bathrooms. And it may be worth it since not many people can claim an entire park as their backyard.

1414 Joliet Place is listed with Cathy Champion of Bolton-Johnston Associates for $325,000.

A slightly room with white carpeting. There’s a curved sectional couch, two tiny glass tables, a white glass hutch, a pink chair, and a small dining table with two metal chairs.
View of the first floor.
A narrow room with a Japanese print on long window shades over the windows.
The dining room with recessed lighting.
A galley kitchen with metal cabinets and white countertops.
The kitchen has been updated.
A bed with flower sheets across from a long white credenza. The walls are white. Trees and snow can be seen out big windows.
One of three potential bedrooms.
A snowy yard with trees. Behind them there’s a low yellow brick building.
View of the backyard and Chrysler Elementary School.
A long two story building with repeating windows covering almost the entire facade. A little cement walkway leads to two doors side by side.
Outside the front of 1414 Joliet.