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Detroit Architecture

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The most beautiful interiors in Detroit, mapped

16 Detroit spaces that take our breath away.

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18 famous films shot in Detroit, mapped

While Detroit is not the most filmed location in the world, it does make an appearance in a myriad of movies.

Revisit these 5 Curbed Detroit stories that have nothing to do with coronavirus

If you need a little distraction, here’s some great writing about Detroit from the last few months.

Remember the Balogh House? Somehow this midcentury gem is still on the market.

We first featured the stunning Plymouth home in October 2019, now listed for $675,000.

Detroit’s 10 best social media accounts for architecture and homes

If you love the city’s built environment, follow these Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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Detroit’s Art Deco masterpieces, mapped

From skyscrapers to theaters, here are some of the most beautiful Art Deco buildings in the Motor City.

Locations in Detroit with ties to ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ host James Lipton

The famous interviewer, writer, and actor who died this week spent his formative years in Detroit.

Pope designates Ste. Anne Church in Southwest Detroit a basilica

The historic church is one of only 86 in the U.S. to receive the honor.

Should you move to Detroit?


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Detroit’s best hotels for architecture and design lovers

Visiting Detroit soon? We’ve mapped 13 very different choices for where to stay in the Motor City.

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The 13 most senseless building demolitions in Detroit

These old buildings once housed operas, art, and retail. Now, the land is home to parking lots, freeways, and an IHOP.

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Mapping all the stalled, troubled, and dead developments in Detroit

These 18 projects may not materialize.

Downtown development news: Fines issued at Penobscot, Hudson’s scales back [Updated]

Though renovations at the David Stott Building are complete

Restoration work begins on Fisher Building’s exterior and entrances

Much-needed facade work will soon be done on the largest marble-clad commercial building in the world.

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14 notable buildings in Detroit designed by black architects, mapped

Despite racial and economic barriers, black architects have made many important contributions to Detroit’s built environment.

The multi-year journey to make a concrete Yamasaki building net zero energy

EcoWorks has embarked on a green renovation of its unique office building. But it’s been more challenging than expected.

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Date ideas in Detroit for architecture and design lovers

Here are 21 great ways to take in the city’s built environment and have fun.

Reminiscing with alumni about gorgeous former Detroit high schools

We spoke with alumni of three closed or demolished schools to hear what it was like to go there and what their loss means.

Tour the grandeur of Michigan Central Station in 17 historic photos

Detroit’s grandest transit depot has an exciting future, but here’s what it looked like in its heyday.

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16 dormant buildings in Detroit awaiting life

An incredible number of historic buildings have been redeveloped in recent years, but there’s still plenty of left worth saving. Here are the ones we’d most like to see.

Photos: Take a look at Bedrock’s renovation of the David Stott Building

Dan Gilbert’s development firm had been restoring the Art Deco skyscraper since purchasing it in 2015.

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Yamasaki’s most important architecture in and around Detroit, mapped

Here are 13 incredible examples of the midcentury modern architect’s work.

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Detroit's new residential developments, mapped

Here are 22 big residential projects underway in Detroit right now.

Inside Rivian’s sleek redesign of an Albert Kahn factory in Plymouth

The electric vehicle maker emphasized design for its fast growing workforce.

Curbed Detroit’s most popular stories of 2019

Check out the most-read articles from the past year.

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Mapping the 12 biggest redevelopments underway in Detroit

These buildings are getting ready for their next act.

Curbed Detroit’s best longreads of 2019

Articles on affordable housing, beautiful renovations, the legacy of Detroit’s black architects, and more.

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26 places to visit in Detroit this winter

Looking to explore the Motor City? Here are 26 places to visit, including parks, museums, and incredible architecture.

5 Detroit trends that didn’t survive the 2010s

Recapping all the failed hopes and bygone fads of the last decade.

Bedrock opens cozy, free community space downtown through January 3

The popup space in the 1001 Woodward building has a cafe, crafting area for kids, and more.

Trends that defined Detroit in the 2010s

Emergency management, downtown’s revival, and scooters. Here are eight trends during a period of great change for Detroit.

10 redevelopments that shaped Detroit over the last 10 years

The defining trend of the 2010s is undoubtedly the reclamation of Detroit’s vacant historic buildings.

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Downtown Detroit’s essential architecture: A walking tour

From stand out skyscrapers to incredible lobbies, here’s your guide to the seeing as much of the best downtown architecture possible.

Detroit skyline featured in Lego exhibit on iconic skyscrapers at Henry Ford Museum

"Towers of Tomorrow" features over 20 buildings made from more than half a million Lego bricks.

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Detroit’s most iconic buildings, mapped

From the Fisher Building to the Guardian Building, here are 20 of the most iconic buildings in the Motor City.

The unsung brilliance of Hart Plaza

Designed by Isamu Noguchi, the downtown gathering space has features that still seem futuristic today. But it’s also starting to show its age.

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Detroit’s postmodern architecture, mapped

Detroit is not well known for its postmodern architecture. But here’s six notable examples.

United Artists Building developer looks to demolish historic theater

The demo would be part of a $56 million redevelopment of the attached office building into 148 apartments.

The curious history of community mausoleums in Detroit and the Midwest

This odd burial concept, which spread across the country, started here.