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Buying a Home in Detroit

Savvy strategies for setting a budget, securing a mortgage, and finding the right home for you.

Coronavirus hits pause on Detroit’s housing market

With all the challenges to buying and few homes getting listed, Detroit’s housing market has nearly come to a complete stop.

Coronavirus will impact Detroit’s housing market. But how much?

Real estate may be more resilient than the economy at large, but a lot depends on how long the outbreak lasts.

Detroit’s 10 best social media accounts for architecture and homes

If you love the city’s built environment, follow these Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Should you buy a home in Detroit in 2020?

We surveyed a broad group of housing experts—realtors, developers, urban planners, and housing activists—to hash out what it means to buy in Detroit right now.

Things you should consider when moving to a neighborhood in Detroit

If you’re a person of privilege, here are some tips for approaching your move with care.

6 ways to buy a house in Detroit

From Land Bank auctions to the Detroit Home Mortgage program to land contracts, here’s how people buy houses in a tricky market.

Should you move to Detroit?


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Where to live in Detroit in 2020

Your go-to guide for picking the best neighborhood to call home right now.

How to research your historic Detroit home

Looking to do more research on your home in 2020? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Understanding your Detroit property tax assessment

A guide to everything you need to know about your notice of assessment and tax bill.

Resources for renovating your historic Detroit home

Thinking of renovating your home this year? Here are some resources to get you through it.

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10 great Detroit starter homes for sale right now, mapped

We’re mapping 10 different houses for sale right now that don’t need much work at all in neighborhoods across the city.