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Detroit Land Bank

The Detroit Land Bank and its many controversies, explained

Since its creation in 2011, the quasi-public authority has continually faced criticism.

Fitzgerald Revitalization update: fewer homes, longer timeline, realistic expectations

The new goal is for 76 homes to be rehabbed by 2024.

Core City developer outlines grand plans for district

Philip Kafka has signed an agreement with the city to potentially purchase and develop 100 properties in the area. He wants to turn most of it into green space.

Why is the Detroit Land Bank selling bundles of occupied homes?

A program meant to put properties back on the tax rolls may result in more evictions.

A childhood home, found through the Land Bank, gets a second life

A chance look through the Land Bank’s listings found a returning Detroiter’s childhood home.

New report highlights Land Bank’s massive ownership in the neighborhoods

With the amount of property it owns, is the Detroit land bank selling houses fast enough?

‘Vacant not Blighted’ tour to feature east side homes, resources

The tour will offer history and information on vacant homes for sale in Jefferson-Chalmers and Riverbend, with resources for homebuyers.

University District home heads back to auction

This handsome four-bedroom house is back on the auction block March 13.

University District home goes for $255K at Land Bank auction

It needs a full rehab, but could be gorgeous when it’s done.

Detroit Land Bank debuts new website

The new site includes more information on the DLBA, including Board minutes, contracts, and info on programs.

Boston-Edison house snags record bid in Land Bank auction

This house received a bid for $240,100, a new record for the Land Bank auction.

Historic Jefferson Chalmers home saved from demo, now up for sale

The house was the family home of Dr. Albert Henry Johnson, the third African American graduate from the Detroit College of Medicine and one of the founders of Dunbar Hospital, the first African American non-profit hospital in Detroit

Artist invites candidates to Brightmoor to see the real White House

John O’Malley’s Brightmoor home is now metaphorically, and physically, stuck in the middle of two candidates. Artist Ryan Mendoza painted the blighted homes white and spelled out the candidates’ names in bullet holes.