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Detroit Real Estate Market Reports

Is it okay to move during Detroit’s coronavirus outbreak?

Michigan is under a stay-at-home order, but moving is still considered "essential."

Report: Detroit saw biggest drop in U.S. for March home listings

Coronavirus is having a big impact on Detroit’s housing inventory

Coronavirus hits pause on Detroit’s housing market

With all the challenges to buying and few homes getting listed, Detroit’s housing market has nearly come to a complete stop.

How Detroit’s landlords are approaching tenants impacted by coronavirus

"Landlords have an opportunity to be the one steady thing in people’s lives."

Facing flood of missed mortgage payments, Quicken Loans may need emergency funding

Nonbank lenders will need billions of dollars to stave off a cash crunch caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus will impact Detroit’s housing market. But how much?

Real estate may be more resilient than the economy at large, but a lot depends on how long the outbreak lasts.

6 ways to buy a house in Detroit

From Land Bank auctions to the Detroit Home Mortgage program to land contracts, here’s how people buy houses in a tricky market.

Report: Detroit rents increased by one of highest rates in nation in 2019

Average cost to rent in Detroit went up by 13.2 percent, 10th most in the U.S.

Midtown housing incentive comes to an end, putting low-income renters at risk

The "Stay Midtown" program dispersed $800,000 in subsidies over three years.

Study: Detroiters need to work fewest hours to afford rent of any major U.S. city

Around 41 hours per week.

New report shows Detroit diversifying, but anxieties around race remain

No U.S. city grew more in diversity than Detroit over the last decade.

City estimates Detroit home values rose 20 percent last year

It would be the largest increase since 1997.

New report shows Detroit’s tax foreclosure crisis was even worse than we thought

Between 2010 and 2017, homes were overtaxed by an astounding $600 million.

Facing delays and rising construction costs, The Mid scales back

Once hailed as the largest development north of Mack in years, the multi-building project is scrapping condos and undergoing a redesign.

Study: 90 percent of properties at Wayne County tax auction went to speculators

And it’s had devastating effects on Detroit neighborhoods.

Quicken Loans on track to set new mortgage record this year

The Detroit-based company could issue $140 billion in mortgages in 2019.

Pace of metro Detroit home sales slows in October

The region had a 2 percent year-over-year decline as houses sat on the market longer.

The healthiest market in metro Detroit? Industrial real estate.

With a vacancy rate of just 2.1 percent and major projects in the works, industry is still an essential part of the region.

How would a national recession affect Detroit?

High construction costs and a relatively soft market might insulate Detroit from the worst effects.

Can anything be built in Detroit without subsidies?

Why every new development in the city comes with incentives.

Detroit outlines key recommendations for updating city’s zoning ordinance

"Zoning Analytic" is the first major document released by the Planning Commission as part of the city’s rezoning process.

Report calls Detroit the most affordable city in U.S. for middle-class homebuyers

Redfin says a family needs to earn around $27,000 to afford a home in Detroit.

Demolishing homes in Detroit decreases gun violence, says U-M study

The study found an 11 percent drop in homicides and injuries caused by firearms in areas with demolitions.

Report: Since 2010, Detroit added more walkable urban spaces than any other U.S. city

"Food Traffic Ahead" finds enormous potential and growth in the Motor City’s walkability.

Detroit area renters are looking to get out of town, report

Despite the current apartment boom, local renters are searching in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Grand Rapids.

Detroit officials: More mortgages issued in April than any month over past decade

The number of mortgages has increased every year since 2012

Can Detroit’s flood of high-end apartments keep up with rising demand?

For the first time in years, thousands of new units are set to hit the market, but developers are still figuring out how to meet the needs of renters.

Nearly one-fourth of Detroit tenant households headed by someone 60 or older: Report

The share increased substantially in the 10 years to 2017—and will likely continue to rise.

Detroit apartment rents up 15 percent annually for March

A new report shows median one- and two-bedroom rents rose sharply since March 2018.

Detroit home sale prices up, downtown much pricier than neighborhoods

Median home prices in Detroit are increasing overall, but downtown is a completely different market compared to the rest of the city according to new reports.

Report: Detroit ranks first in cities with largest rent increases

A new study compares income and rents from 2014-2017, and finds that the the percentage of income spent on rent in Detroit has increased the most in that time period.

Report: New Detroit apartments are smaller than they were ten years ago

New apartments have decreased in size by 27 percent over the past 10 years in Detroit.

Latest Detroit rent report shows increasing prices, high occupancy rates downtown

While Grand Circus Park continues to be the priciest district, new apartments are commanding over $3 per square foot.

What income do you need to rent comfortably in Detroit?

A new report from SmartAsset shows that the income needed to rent a two-bedroom apartment comfortably is far above the city’s median income.

Detroit rent map shows median prices across neighborhoods

Rent prices in Midtown and Woodbridge have risen the most in the past year, according to a new report.

Report: Detroit rents jump in June, increase slightly over the year

Both metro and city rents have increased sharply in the last month.

Report: 50 years after Fair Housing Act, inequality still widespread in Detroit

A new report shines a light on healthcare, financial services, and more in Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, and Oakland.

Report reveals the highest average rent prices in greater downtown

A new report shows the average rent prices through the downtown neighborhoods, including Corktown, Lafayette Park, and Midtown.

Detroit releases updated property assessment data

The city has seen an increase in residential property value for the first time in 17 years.