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Detroit Real Estate Market Reports

Report: Detroit lands in top 20 of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S.

13 of the top 20 cities are in California.

Detroit listing prices: Comparing Woodbridge, Jefferson-Chalmers, and more

Our analysis this week looks at listing prices in New Center, Woodbridge, Morningside, and more Detroit neighborhoods.

Detroit housing prices at the start of 2018: A tale of two cities

NeighborhoodX charted out listing prices in nine different Detroit neighborhoods to see a wide range of options and prices across the city.

Report: Detroit needs more affordable and market-rate housing downtown

The report released by the DDP shows that the demand keeps rising for housing in downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Report: Detroit renters cite affordability, jobs as reasons for moving

In a new report from Apartment List, a survey of renters found affordability, jobs, and safety as top reasons for renters planning to leave the Motor City.

Report: Detroit ranks #1 in how much house you can buy with $100K

A new report from SmartAsset shows that your money can go a long way in terms of buying a house in Detroit.

Report: Metro Detroit sees 175% increase in rentals over last year

Construction is booming across Detroit, and we have the rentals to prove it.

Report: Southeast Michigan could gain 380K households by 2040

A new report from the Urban Institute identifies a growth in the senior population, a decrease in African American homeownership, and a growing demand for rentals as factors influencing housing in SE Michigan.

New reports show low office vacancy, billions invested in Downtown Detroit

CBRE and JLL’s Skyline Report show the need for more office space downtown, and so many development projects in the pipeling.

Here’s the salary you need to comfortably rent a two-bedroom apartment in Detroit

A new report shows the average two-bedroom apartment costs $1,087 per month in Detroit. In order to not be housing cost-burdened, you’ll need to make $46,586 to afford it.

Report: 40 percent of Detroit millennials are homeowners

The report from ABODO states that 40.2% of Detroit millennials are homeowners, compared to 32% nationwide.

Detroit cracks the list of fastest growing tech towns in the U.S.

In a report from job site Ziprecruiter, Detroit ranked 16 in fastest growing tech towns. Detroit’s low rent and home prices helped nab that ranking.

Report: Detroit area needs more than 15,000 new apartments by 2030

The new study says the metro Detroit area will need about 1,100 new apartments a year, plus renovations to older units, to meet demand.

Detroit area sparks interest from LA, Chicago home buyers

Redfin’s migration report shows home searchers in Chicago, LA, and San Francisco looking in Detroit’s housing market.

It takes $42,161/year to live comfortably in Detroit

According to this study, a 50-30-20 budgeting rule puts Detroiters at a "comfortable" income with just over $42K. But what are some of the other costs to consider?

Spring preview: What’s ahead for Detroit real estate

What can we look forward to in Detroit’s real estate market in the next few months? We look at neighborhoods to watch, construction completing on big projects, and more.

Report: Detroit now has more renters than homeowners

A new report from Detroit Future City highlights the shift from homeownership to renting in many outlying neighborhoods in Detroit.

Rent Reports: Detroit still affordable, comparatively

Compared to other major cities around the US, and the world, Detroit is still fairly affordable.

Study: Detroit is the 89th best U.S. city to live in

What makes one city more livable than another? In their latest study, U.S. News & Word Report asked this question and deemed Detroit the 89th best U.S. city to live in. The overall score for Detroit was 5.9 with a maximum possible score of 10.

Which neighborhood is really Detroit’s hottest neighborhood for 2017?

Redfin released their predictions for the hottest neighborhoods of 2017. Their top three choices actually give us about 10 to choose from.

Report: Detroit ranks as one of the best cities for renters who work in tech

The study by ABODO looked at median rental prices, median tech salary, and availability of tech jobs. Detroit still has low rent compared to other major metro areas.

Detroit rents increase slightly in 2016, still lower than Michigan average

Rent prices stayed pretty consistent in Detroit through 2016, but December saw a big spike in prices. Could we see a bigger increase as new developments open?

How much can $300K buy in Detroit compared to other US cities?

If we’re talking square footage, Detroit leads the way in how much you can get for your money. We take a realistic look at what’s available for the price range.

Report: Detroit incomes are rising faster than rent

The study from SmartAsset looked at rent-to-income ratios between 2012 and 2015.

Metro Detroiters need to earn $39K a year to buy a house

We’re still the fifth lowest among the top 27 metro areas in terms of what you need to make to afford a house. But that salary is rising.

Detroit gets top honors for LGBTQ friendliness

For the fifth year in a row, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation released their annual Municipal Equality Index (MEI) for over 500 cities in the nation, ranking them on how inclusive they are for the LGBTQ community. So, how did Detroit do?

Where are the most expensive one-bedroom condos in Detroit?

As far as listing prices go, Willy’s in Midtown and Book Cadillac downtown take the top spots.

Detroit home values rose 6.2 percent since last year

In July, home values across the country rose 5.1 percent year-over-year to a median $187,300, while rents increased 2.2 percent to a median monthly $1,408. This was the forty-eighth straight month that national home values have appreciated.

You need to make $38K to afford a median price home in Detroit

In the U.S., Detroit has the fifth lowest salary needed to own a home

Detroit rents for a one-bedroom have increased 10% in the past year

Zumper, an apartment rental platform, has released their numbers for August. And while we’re the 96th most expensive market in the country, rents are on the rise.

How Have Housing Prices in Detroit Changed Since 2012?

Our friends at NeighborhoodX looked at numbers of the most expensive sales in Midtown and University District in 2012 and 2016 and found pretty substantial increases.

Detroit Housing Tracker: House prices rise, delinquency rates decline in first quarter

The Urban Institute has compiled data for Detroit’s housing market this year, finding both housing prices and rents are up, and delinquencies are down.

How much should you save every day for a down payment in Detroit?

If you’re buying a house in Detroit, our friends at say you should save as much as a few cups of coffee would cost you. We might make our sacrifices elsewhere.

Are listing prices too high in Lafayette Park?

We’ve seen a few pricey listings lately in this centralized neighborhood. Are they skewing the market? We pulled some numbers to see.

The Price of Living in Detroit: An Open Thread

We keep reporting the numbers, but what are the issues that really factor into living in the city?

How Much Should You Make to Afford Rent in Detroit?

While we're still far behind other large cities in the country, rents are on the rise in Detroit. Based on a market rate two-bedroom apartment, you should make $37,971 to rent in the city.

Detroit Home Buyers More Likely to Pay Under Listing Price

Recent data from OpenHouse shows us that in the past 30 days, 65% of Detroit home buyers are paying under the listing price, while 14% are paying more for their new homes.

Are Real Estate Prices in Detroit Insane?

It might look like it in some areas compared to just a few years ago, but there are affordable options elsewhere in the city.

Can Millenials in Detroit Afford a Down Payment on a Home?

It depends on what you consider a starter home. But there are affordable houses in Detroit, and programs to help home buyers.