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Open Thread

8 Detroit activities you can do from home

While coronavirus has us all indoors, here are a few ways you can have fun and engage with the city.

Which Detroit developments were the most exciting in 2018?

While the city didn’t see a lot of developments open this year, many plans were announced that will make a huge impact on Detroit.

How has your Detroit rent changed over the past few years?

Rent prices have increased in certain areas in Detroit—has it affected you?

What’s your favorite Detroit neighborhood and why?

Are you drawn to a certain Detroit neighborhood for the architecture, the history, or the people?

Which recent Detroit building renovation has been your favorite?

Which restoration has been the most impressive to you?

What’s on your wish list for the next big Detroit development?

Are you hoping for a new, modern design? A cool adaptive reuse project?

Where are Detroit’s best free, indoor public spaces?

Where do you go if you want to sit inside for a few minutes?

What do you wish you knew before house-hunting in Detroit?

Have you tried to buy a house in Detroit in the past few years? What do you wish you knew before starting that process?

How do you really feel about Detroit’s new bike lanes?

Now that the bike lanes are completed, how do you feel about them? Has the city communicated its plans effectively?

Which are Detroit’s best new works of public art?

Which murals or statues do you love?

Open thread: Which Detroit parks are your favorites?

Where do you like to relax outside in Detroit?

Which Detroit buildings should be renovated next?

We’ll soon learn the plans for the old train station; which buildings should be renovated next?

Where does Up North really start?

Don’t say the U.P.

Here’s how readers would describe Detroit to an out-of-towner

"To see people working so hard to maintain their homes when so many have fallen on hard times around them… to see them planting flowers and sweeping their sidewalk when they’ve got several boarded up, burned down structures nearby… this says a lot about the character and soul of the people who are from here."

How would you describe Detroit to an out-of-towner?

After being here and living here, how would you describe Detroit in 2018 to someone who doesn’t live here?

What’s your commute like in metro Detroit?

For Friday’s Open Thread, we’d like to know about your commuting experience in the region. Is it easy? Full of potholes? Stuck in the same traffic all the time?

What would a Ford move mean for Corktown and beyond?

Our open thread addresses the big news on everyone’s mind. What could Ford’s potential move into Michigan Central Station mean for the surrounding areas?

What do you really think about the proposed transit plan?

Last week, Warren Evans pitched a new transit plan for metro Detroit. Now’s the time to let officials know what you think.

What are the most architecturally underrated buildings in Detroit?

This week, we’d like to know which buildings you love in Detroit—buildings that don’t get as much attention as the rest.

What do you think about Airbnb’s presence in Detroit’s neighborhoods?

Do you think the city should enforce the new zoning ordinance? Or should homeowners in Detroit neighborhoods be allowed to rent out rooms for short-term rentals?

Open Thread: What do you think of Detroit’s new marketing slogan?

It’s go time, Detroit.

Open Thread: What places in Detroit do you still call by their old name?

You going to a show at Pine Knob this summer?

How much rent did you pay for your first Detroit apartment?

In our open thread this week, we want to know what your first rental in Detroit was like. How much did you pay in rent?

What’s the biggest challenge in the home-buying process in Detroit right now?

Have you been searching for a house in Detroit this year? Did you find one? How was the home-buying process for you? Let us know in the comments below.

What’s on your 2018 Detroit development wish list?

2018 will be a big year for Detroit development. What would you like to see on the development landscape? Speak up in the comments!

Open thread: Where does transit in Metro Detroit go from here?

With the interim CEO of the RTA stepping down and no plan in sight, are we all just stuck in traffic?

Open thread: Should advertisements on downtown buildings be removed?

The city is cracking down on large signs on the sides of buildings. What do you think about the ordinance?

What’s the scariest trend in Detroit real estate?

Our favorite holiday has us thinking of something far scarier than goblins: the Detroit real estate market.

Amazon HQ2: How do you feel about Detroit’s bid?

Regional leaders came together to present Detroit and the surrounding areas as a place where businesses should move. Tell us what you think about the process.

Open Thread: Where are your favorite metro Detroit trails?

Where do you like to hike in the metro area?

Describe the Detroit transit line you’d most like to see built, however unrealistic

This week, we’re talking public transit. Let’s hear your ideas for a new transit line in Detroit.

Should Amazon choose Detroit for its new headquarters?

Amazon is looking for the right city to land its second headquarters. Let’s make a case for Detroit.

Open thread: Which Detroit development projects are you looking forward to?

Construction is picking up around Detroit. Are you looking forward to new construction or a big renovation?

Open thread: What should Cobo Center’s new name be?

The downtown convention center could get a new name soon. Should it be named after a Detroit icon? Or should it sell corporate naming rights?

Poll: Which Kefallinos property has the most potential?

30 buildings all over the city went up for sale last week. We’re taking a look at five with the most potential.

Open thread: How would you sum up the Detroit real estate market?

We have a creative task for this week’s open thread: How would you sum up the Detroit real estate market in one sentence?

Which dormant Detroit buildings should be renovated next?

For this week’s open thread, we’d like to hear which buildings in Detroit should be redeveloped next.

Poll: What should happen to I-375?

MDOT is considering 6 options for the urban freeway. Which would you like to see?

Which Detroit buildings have the most beautiful interiors?

Which buildings in the city have the most stunning interior? Let us know in the comments.