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Open Thread

Open Thread: Which Detroit streets should be closed to traffic?

The city is starting to make pedestrian-friendly moves downtown. Which streets would you like to see closed to vehicular traffic?

Open Thread: Where should the Grand Prix be held?

The Grand Prix disrupts a large part of Belle Isle during the spring; is there a better place for it?

Here’s why many people won’t use public transit in Detroit

Last week, we asked readers about public transit in Detroit. We received a lot of feedback, and it all comes down to having the worst transit system in the country. Let’s fix that.

Why don’t more people use public transit in Detroit?

The QLINE starts running soon. Will you use it? Do you use the bus? Are we just attached to our cars here?

What does “gentrification” mean in Detroit?

In this week’s open thread, we want to know your thoughts on what gentrification means in a city like Detroit.

Poll: What would you like to see at the Fail Jail site?

Jail? Soccer stadium? Something else? Vote and tell us what you think.

What should happen with City Airport?

The city’s looking for a team to evaluate what can be done with the Coleman A. Young International Airport. What do you think?

It takes $42,161/year to live comfortably in Detroit

According to this study, a 50-30-20 budgeting rule puts Detroiters at a "comfortable" income with just over $42K. But what are some of the other costs to consider?

Open Thread: How will you remember the Joe?

The Red Wings play their last game at the Joe Louis Arena this weekend. How will you remember the arena?

Open Thread: Do you plan on leaving Detroit?

Wayne County posted the second highest population loss in the country last year. Is Detroit home to you, or are you thinking about moving?

Detroit development: Where would you like to see it next?

So much has happened in Downtown and Midtown the past few years. Which neighborhoods would you like to see benefit from strategic, inclusive development?

What do you love about Detroit?

For our Open Thread on 313 Day, we want to know the reasons you love Detroit.

Open Thread: What should happen with Detroit’s West Riverfront?

So much is happening on the east riverfront. What kind of park space or development would you like to see with the west riverfront?

Open Thread: What would you love to see built in Detroit?

Now that we’ve seen the Hudson’s site plans, we want to know what your dream development project would be in Detroit.

Open Thread: Buying vs. renting in Detroit

Is it a smart move to buy in Detroit right now? Or is renting here, which is more affordable than many big cities, a safe bet? Let us know what you think.

Open Thread: What do you think of the Ford Field lights?

The lights from Ford Field cast a purple haze over the city, seen here from West Village. Light pollution? Illuminating? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Open Thread: Will you ride the QLINE?

The M-1 rail will start running this spring in Detroit. Do you plan on riding it? Sound off in the comments!

Open Thread: What would you like Detroit's next four years to look like?

As the nation experiences a changing of the guard, we’re staying local. What do you want Detroit’s next four years to look like?

Open Thread Q&A: Buying a condo or loft in Detroit

Founder of the Loft Warehouse Sabra Sanzotta will join us later in the afternoon to answer your questions about buying a loft or condo in Detroit.

Which Detroit parks would you like to see activated in 2017?

It might be cold outside, but we’re dreaming of days where we can hang out in the park. Which green spaces around the city would you like to see activated?

What should be Detroit's New Year's resolution for 2017?

Welcome to Friday Open Threads. This week, we’re discussing some issues Detroit could address for its residents going forward into the new year. What should Detroit’s New Year’s resolution be for 2017?

Curbed Detroit’s most commented stories in 2016

Historic designations, big renovations, and ugly buildings had y’all talking this year.

Open Thread: What’s the best pop culture depiction of Detroit?

With Comedy Central’s Detroiters coming out soon, we’re thinking of the best TV and movies set in the Motor City. What’s your favorite?

Open Thread: What’s on your 2017 Detroit development wish list?

2016 has seen so many development projects and announcements. What do you want to see on the Detroit development landscape going forward?

Open Thread: What’s your favorite lobby in Detroit?

The Fisher Building? The Guardian? The David Whitney? Where is your favorite lobby in the city?

Open Thread: What’s the worst intersection in Detroit?

Detroit has some wide streets and odd angles. Which intersections do you think are the worst in the city?

Open Thread: How did moving to Detroit work out for you?

Did you move to Detroit recently? What were your expectations? How is it going so far? Let us know!

Which massive renovation are you looking forward to the most?

Welcome to Friday Open Threads. We want to hear from you! Which historic property do you want to see brought back?

What would you like to see along the Riverfront?

The Riverfront has changed so much in the past 10 years. This week, we’re asking what can we do to make it even more of a world class destination?

What’s the ugliest building in Detroit?

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, where we want to hear from you. This week, we’re amping up the snark and asking what building in Detroit you think is the ugliest.

What retail would you like to see in Detroit?

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest. This week, we want to know what kind of retail you think Detroit needs.

What’s your favorite building in Detroit?

Welcome to Friday (or Thursday) Open Threads, where we ask readers to sound off. The good weather has us in a good mood and we want to know, what’s your favorite building in Detroit?

Public Transit in Metro Detroit: An Open Thread

The RTA revealed their master plan earlier this week. What do you think? Is it enough? Will metro Detroit go for it? We want to hear from you!

The Price of Living in Detroit: An Open Thread

We keep reporting the numbers, but what are the issues that really factor into living in the city?