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Expert Advice

Is it okay to move during Detroit’s coronavirus outbreak?

Michigan is under a stay-at-home order, but moving is still considered "essential."

How to help your Detroit neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic

Looking to get involved? Here’s where to start.

What to do if you live in Detroit and can’t pay rent

Here are five things that may help towards paying your rent during the COVID-19 outbreak.

How to get around safely and where you can go in Detroit under the stay-at-home order

You should stay at home as much as possible—but if you absolutely have to get around, here’s how to do it safely.

8 Detroit activities you can do from home

While coronavirus has us all indoors, here are a few ways you can have fun and engage with the city.

9 Detroit renters’ rights your landlord doesn’t want you to know

The most important things to know as a renter.

Things you should consider when moving to a neighborhood in Detroit

If you’re a person of privilege, here are some tips for approaching your move with care.

6 ways to buy a house in Detroit

From Land Bank auctions to the Detroit Home Mortgage program to land contracts, here’s how people buy houses in a tricky market.

How to research your historic Detroit home

Looking to do more research on your home in 2020? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Understanding your Detroit property tax assessment

A guide to everything you need to know about your notice of assessment and tax bill.

The ultimate guide to Detroit Metro Airport

Traveling through DTW? Here’s our guide on where to eat, how to get there, and what to do at DTW.

Building more equitable development in Detroit’s neighborhoods

Better Buildings, Better Blocks is helping Detroiters invest in their own neighborhoods.

What do you wish you knew before house-hunting in Detroit?

Have you tried to buy a house in Detroit in the past few years? What do you wish you knew before starting that process?

Building a more inclusive future for Detroit

Who will benefit from Detroit’s revitalization? We talk to placemaker and author Jay Pitter about the challenges and opportunities in Detroit.

45 small ways to make Detroit a better place

Here are the best ways to get involved and volunteer around Detroit.

5 Detroit neighborhoods to watch

Which neighborhoods are undergoing extensive redevelopment and investment? Here are five to keep an eye on.

What’s the scariest trend in Detroit real estate?

Our favorite holiday has us thinking of something far scarier than goblins: the Detroit real estate market.

Development heavyweights weigh in on the future of Detroit

At the ULI forum, we learned there’s a lot riding on the QLINE and that the fail jail site could still be home to that soccer stadium.

How much should you save every day for a down payment in Detroit?

If you’re buying a house in Detroit, our friends at say you should save as much as a few cups of coffee would cost you. We might make our sacrifices elsewhere.

Tales from the Detroit rental market

Welcome to Friday Open Threads. We want to hear from you. How has your experience been renting in Detroit?

Can you buy a starter home in Detroit for $42K?

A new report from Zillow shows Detroit has the least expensive starter homes in the country. Here are some resources to help you find the right one.

Detroit home-buying nightmares

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, etc. Have something you want discussed? Let us know. This week’s topic: buying a house in Detroit.

This Week in Bizarre and/or Terrible Listing Photography

We rounded up a sampling of terrible photos in current Detroit listings to perhaps inspire better photography.