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M-1 Rail Line

How public transit agencies in Metro Detroit are responding to coronavirus

Here’s how Metro Detroit’s public transit agencies are responding to coronavirus.

5 Detroit trends that didn’t survive the 2010s

Recapping all the failed hopes and bygone fads of the last decade.

Trends that defined Detroit in the 2010s

Emergency management, downtown’s revival, and scooters. Here are eight trends during a period of great change for Detroit.

A comprehensive guide to public transit in metro Detroit

All the info you need about buses, bikes, and rails in Southeast Michigan.

QLine to be added to metro Detroit’s new transit payment system Dart

Joining SMART and DDOT, it will soon be much easier to transfer to and from the Woodward Avenue streetcar.

The Qline will be free through the holidays

Rides will be complimentary on the Woodward streetcar from December 15-January 1.

Report: Qline ridership plummets during long Detroit winter

The streetcar’s first year report is out, showing a sharp decrease in riders in the second six months of its year.

One lane of Woodward will close for LCA events

The southbound section of Woodward Avenue adjacent to the Little Caesars Arena will be closed during events to allow the Qline to pass.

The QLINE moves into revenue operations, looks ahead to Detroit’s transit future

We check in with the QLINE as they get a clearer picture of ridership and look toward a regional transit plan.

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The QLINE: What to see and where to visit near each stop

Your guide to museums, buildings, and landmarks to visit along the QLINE route on Woodward Avenue.

The QLINE: Here’s what you need to know about paying to ride the streetcar

Free rides on the QLINE are coming to an end after Labor Day. Here’s how to plan ahead.

QLINE updates: increased ridership, more cars running, first accident

The M-1 rail continues to make improvements as it prepares to finally charge riders in September. Ridership has increased, more streetcars are on the road, and more tickets are being issued for those blocking the rail.

PSA: Do not ride a bike along the QLINE rail

The M-1 rail recommends riding a bike along Cass instead of Woodward. A Free Press race against the QLINE shows what can happen while riding a bike down Woodward.

QLINE extends free rides through Labor Day, focuses on improvements

System improvements in the near future include more accurate station kiosks, signal priority at certain intersections, and more streetcars on the road.

The QLINE remains free to ride until July

The M-1 Rail announced that the QLINE will stay free to ride until July 1.

The QLINE remains free to ride during its opening week

Have you ridden the QLINE yet? What do you think?

The M-1 Rail releases two safety videos

The videos offer tips for those in a car, on foot, or on bike. It’s time to learn how to coexist with the QLINE!

This stream has:

The QLINE: Detroit's new streetcar

Updates on the QLINE, or M-1 rail, and its impact on Detroit.

The QLINE: Everything you need to know to ride Detroit’s new streetcar

Updated info on pricing, payment methods, safety, hours, and more.

The QLINE kicks off with big, free opening weekend

The QLINE will be free to ride May 12-14 and many businesses and restaurants along the way will have discounts and specials this weekend.

Why don’t more people use public transit in Detroit?

The QLINE starts running soon. Will you use it? Do you use the bus? Are we just attached to our cars here?

M-1 Rail updates: Meetings, volunteers, grand opening, and more

The QLINE will be running in just over a month. Here are a few resources to get ready for the big day.

The QLINE will start running May 12

A grand opening ceremony is planned, and the streetcar will be open to the public on May 12.

15 photos of the QLINE testing on Woodward

Have you seen the QLINE out and about doing test runs yet? Here are a few pictures of the streetcar in action.

The QLINE stations are looking good!

The M-1 rail will start rolling down Woodward this spring. We noticed some of the stations were uncovered, so we took a few pictures of where we’ll be waiting soon.

Open Thread: Will you ride the QLINE?

The M-1 rail will start running this spring in Detroit. Do you plan on riding it? Sound off in the comments!

Trump infrastructure plan could include M-1 rail, Gordie Howe Bridge

The list, as reported by McClatchy, includes 50 infrastructure programs across the U.S., including the M-1 rail and Gordie Howe Bridge.

The QLINE hits the road for the first time

The QLINE took its first test drive down Woodward today. This is the first of many road tests and the M-1 rail urges drivers not to park on the rail or they could face a $650 fine.

Development Notes: Broadway revival, Midtown affordable housing opens, and more

More buildings will be redeveloped into residential, office, and restaurants downtown on Broadway, while Midtown sees the opening of affordable housing.

Here’s what the QLINE stations will look like

The 12 heated stations along the line will also have wi-fi. The QLINE is scheduled to open in the spring.

Let’s share the road, Detroit!

Street parking is changing in Detroit. With the M-1 rail opening soon and new protected bike lanes all over the city, let’s be patient and figure out this parking situation.

Development Notes: Old Wayne County Building progress, QLINE celebration, and more

We should start seeing some exterior work on the Old Wayne County Building soon, the M-1 rail celebrates Woodward being open to traffic, and more.

Development Notes: Metropolitan Building, QLINE, and more

The Metropolitan and Wurlitzer Buildings continue their renovations, the QLINE track installation, and Dan Gilbert talks about needing more office space.

5 more QLINE streetcars expected; next one arrives tonight

The next one arrives Wednesday night, and more will be delivered every few weeks until all six are in Detroit.

QLINE expands hours, will run past 10pm on weekends

The M-1 rail will run until midnight Friday and Saturday nights, according to the Detroit Free Press. Progress!

What’s your Detroit public transit dream project?

The RTA is on the ballot in November. DDOT has expanded services. The M-1 Rail is coming. Is this enough?

Update: The first M-1/QLINE streetcar arrives in Detroit

The QLINE is projected to open for passengers Spring 2017.

Rejoice! Woodward should be cleared of M-1 construction by Thanksgiving

Just in time for the Thanksgiving Day parade and Lions game.

M-1 Speeder tests out rail, patiently waits for parked vehicles to move

The first test for the QLINE wasn’t too speedy. Let’s learn to share the road!