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Wayne County Tax Auction

The Detroit Land Bank and its many controversies, explained

Since its creation in 2011, the quasi-public authority has continually faced criticism.

This stream has:

How coronavirus is impacting Detroit

News and updates on how the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting Detroit housing, transit, and more

Detroit and Wayne County halt evictions, tax foreclosure due to coronavirus

Public health concerns have prompted the 36th District Court and Wayne County to take measures to prevent homelessness.

New legislation, city compensation may provide relief to overtaxed Detroiters

Homeowners who were overtaxed in the 2010s or are delinquent on their taxes now will soon have avenues for assistance.

Detroit suing three notorious “slumlords” over appalling condition of properties

The city is trying to force the speculators to bring the homes up to code or prohibit them from doing business in Detroit.

New report shows Detroit’s tax foreclosure crisis was even worse than we thought

Between 2010 and 2017, homes were overtaxed by an astounding $600 million.

Study: 90 percent of properties at Wayne County tax auction went to speculators

And it’s had devastating effects on Detroit neighborhoods.

Trends that defined Detroit in the 2010s

Emergency management, downtown’s revival, and scooters. Here are eight trends during a period of great change for Detroit.

City and county propose new payment plan to reduce tax foreclosure

The "Pay as You Stay" program would eliminate interest, penalties, and fees for low-income homeowners behind on taxes.

Lessons for Detroit homeowners on appealing your property tax assessments

WDET’s Laura Herberg sat in on Board of Review sessions and came away with some insights

All the latest news and opinions on Wayne County’s Tax Foreclosure Auction

No more Action Before Auction program, plus three solutions to the foreclosure crisis

City extends deadline for homeowners facing foreclosure

Those whose homes are at risk for foreclosure in the county tax auction have until August 31 to apply for assistance to buy back their house.

Foreclosed homes to be sold back for $1,000 in ACLU, city settlement

In the settlement, homeowners with incomes below or near the federal poverty line facing foreclosure can keep their homes for $1,000. Increased efforts to reach out to homeowners are also included in the settlement.

Watch: Detroit’s foreclosure crisis highlighted by Vice News Tonight

Vice News Tonight profiles investors, residents, and advocates involved in the county’s looming tax foreclosure crisis.

Quicken, UCHC partner to turn 80 renters into homeowners

The partnership identified those in danger of losing their homes in the tax auction due to negligent landlords. The renters will pay between $2,500-5,500 to own their homes.

Loveland mapped every foreclosed and auctioned property in Detroit since 2002

Not including the 8,000 heading to the tax auction this year.

Non-profit group reaches out to residents to prevent foreclosure

17,000 occupied homes in Detroit could be headed to the annual Wayne County Tax Auction this year.

City nixes development group’s plan to purchase thousands of auction homes

The city shut down Home Team Detroit’s plan to purchase 2,000-4,000 homes in the tax foreclosure auction.

Open Thread: Stories from the Wayne County Tax Auction

This year’s foreclosure auction is coming to a close. Have you seen anything unusual or did you snag a property? Let’s hear about it!

New mural highlights Detroit’s foreclosure crisis

The mural, painted by Ellen Rutt, Ouizi, and Jonny Alexander, is on a vacant house that went through foreclosure. The Tricycle Collective raises funds to help families stay in their homes.

Crowdfunding Campaign to Aid Foreclosed Detroiters Nears $100K Goal

Evictions Loom as Tax Auction Heads into Final Days

Score Big at the Wayne County Tax Auction? Curbed Wants to Hear from You

Just a Day Left to Get in on the Wayne County Tax Auction

Curbed Exclusive Photographs of Woods Cathedral Renovation

County Tax Auction Offers a Few Gems